Overview of the Research Process

Data collection and analysis will be conducted in four phases:

  1. scan and conduct preliminary narrative analysis of recent literature on the future of work and identify and analyze relevant policies, strategies and programs in other jurisdictions.

  2. conduct an email seminar, or "think tank". The seminar will expand and revise the preliminary narrative analyses of phase one. The email seminar proposal is detailed in section 4 below.

  3. conduct a Q methodological study of working time policy narratives to confirm and extend the preliminary narrative analyses.

  4. collect statistical data and identify existing economic projections and models that may be modified to project changes in jobs for British Columbia. Evaluate existing models and make prepare scenarios based on simple statistical analyses and qualitative evaluations of provincial, national, and global trends. Refine scenarios on the basis of scenarios derived from the narrative and Q factor analyses.

The four phases of data collection and analysis are roughly consecutive, however considerable overlap will occur in carrying out some of the tasks. For example, statistical data collection and a search for applicable models will proceed concurrently with the literature review and the seminar but the projections can not be finalized until all other phases are complete.

Development of suggested policy options and final report

Draft elements for the final report and trial policy options will be prepared and made available continuously during the research project. This World Wide Web site will present draft materials and supporting documents as they are produced. It will also serve as a key resource for the email seminar.

A final report in text will also be prepared and be made available for downloading in portable document format (pdf).The literature review, email seminar proceedings and final report may also provide a valuable resource as curriculum materials for an email course modeled on Patrick Crispen's Roadmap introductory course for Internet users.

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