The email seminar

This proposal makes strategic use of Internet telecommunications capabilities to develop knowledge about work change that will be of immediate and lasting value.

A limited number of invited participants will take part in the proposed email seminar on the future of work in British Columbia. Participants will be selected to ensure a broad range of knowledge and insight relevant to the issues of labour-market change, work time and distribution of work, and conditions specific to regions and sectors in the province. The seminar will be scheduled to go on for three weeks. Participants will spend an average of half an hour to an hour each day during the period reading and responding to posted messages.

Moderation of the seminar will be active. A range of topics to help focus discussion will be prepared in advance. Supporting materials, including literature reviews, policy abstracts, descriptive and statistical information on the B.C. economy, and links to related web sites will be prepared in advance and posted on a World Wide Web site available at:

This site will also serve as an archive for seminar postings and will be available as a facility for more elaborate submissions from seminar participants.

The seminar will address a diverse range of technological, economic, historical, social and cultural issues related to workforce change. Participants will be selected who can bring relevant specialized knowledge to the discussion and who have demonstrated their capacity for engaging in discussion and analysis outside of their specialty. (Prospective participants have expressed enthusiastic interest in the project. A list will be posted after funding and scheduling are confirmed.)

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